Academic Achievement

Students who bring a report card showing that they have earned Straight A’s or are on A/B Honor Roll will earn this patch.

Split Club

Students who show the ability to perform a full split over the course of one week will become a member of this club, being recognized with a patch and their picture on the Split Club Wall.

Demo Team

The Demo Team is a group of students who perform techniques, routines, and katas at events. Tryouts are held periodically, and the Senseis vote for new team members. Demo Team members receive a patch, and are required to purchase the Demo Team uniform.

Student of the Month

The Senseis decide monthly on a student who has demonstrated a great attitude, strong work ethic, and other attributes that represent a Glover’s student. Honor, Integrity, and Courage! Student of the Month will receive recognition in the monthly newsletter, their picture posted for the month, a patch, and a certificate that is presented in front of their class.

Black Belt Club

This club is for those students who are serious about earning their black belt. Students must be a student for at least one year, sign a three-year contract, are required to participate in at least one tournament per year, and fulfill various duties as assigned by the Senseis (such as cleaning or helping with classes). Students will receive a Black Belt Club patch and be eligible for 10% off any Century orders.

Jr. Instructor

Students are at least a High-Brown Belt and are chosen by the Senseis for this role.